Questions: H2O Networks Fibre Contracts in eThekwini

The Speaker – eThekwini Council
Councillor Logie Naidoo
City Hall

15 February 2013

Dear Mr Speaker


  1. Has H2O Networks been awarded a contract to connect around 200 council sites via fibre?
  2. What are H2O networks being paid per metre for this contract, bearing in mind traditional cost is around R150 per metre including road reinstatements?
  3. Were H2O paid around R22m for laying only 100km of fibre during 2010/11/12, ie. R220 per metre?
    1. Did H2O only use the sewer and storm water systems or did they make use of existing city-owned Metroconnect sleeves/ducts/trenches ?
    2. What percentage of traditional versus sewer/storm water system was used by H2O in this rollout?
    3. Are there sign off files for this project including full GIS data, photos and other technical details?
    4. Did H2O Networks get all the correct permissions and wayleaves to put fibre into our stormwater and sewer network?
  4. Will H2O Networks be using existing municipal infrastructure in their latest deployment and if so, has their price been reduced accordingly?
  5. According to the contract with H2O networks, only 10 cores of fibre on a cable are being paid for by eThekwini:
    1. Does eThekwini own these 10 cores; and
    2. Who owns the ducts that have been laid by H2O during this rollout?
  6. Given the above, were eThekwini to desire changing contractors in future, how would this change be effected as it would appear that H2O may have other customers using the remaining cores of the same cables as eThekwini?
  7. Do H2O networks use proprietary technology for their cable systems that will not allow anyone else to work on that cable?
    1. If yes, does the City acknowledge that this has the effect of locking eThekwini into a long-term contract with H2O that cannot be won by any other bidder in future?
  8. Is H2O networks using municipal sleeves/ducts/trenches for cables that are supplying connectivity to 3rd party customers?

Yours faithfully

Councillor Warwick Chapman

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