Statement regarding outcome of Thursday uShaka meeting

Statement issued by Cllr Warwick Chapman, eThekwini Municipality

As the convener and chairperson of the meeting held at uShaka yesterday between activists and officials, I wish to clarify a misconception created by an ambiguous article in the media this morning.

An article carried by SABC news outlets started with the following ambiguous paragraph, “The South African Association for Marine Biological Research, the body that runs Durban’s uShaka Sea World, says it has met with animal rights activists about the New Year’s Eve dance party, and they are satisfied that no harm will come to marine life.”

The ambiguity lies with who was satisfied that no harm would come to marine life. The outcome of the meeting was very clearly that SAAMBR was satisfied that no harm would come to the marine life but the same was not true for all of the activists.

Many of the activists present remained concerned about the event and tabled a proposal for the consideration of uShaka and the event organiser that the event it be moved to Moyo entirely and out of the vicinity of all marine life.

The meeting concluded after the event organiser and officials agreed they would consider the proposal and issue a statement by the end of business on Friday (today).

The statement was issued this morning, explaining that the event would be going ahead and addressing the various concerns around the safety of the animals.

Cllr Warwick Chapman
083 7797 094

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