DA march on COSATU shows the true colours of the Tripartite-Alliance

The events of today have provoked angry racial attacks from ANC and COSATU supporters who have tried desperately to portray blacks in the DA as sellouts to a white party. Between now and 2014 they will become more desperate.

To all of those who chose stones or the race card today to attack the most diverse party in South Africa, watch the DA unfold before you as a truly non-racial party which will be lead by any South African regardless of race – because they are the best person to lead us.

Watch us win Gauteng and the Northern Cape in 2014 and watch us push the ANC to the brink in the North West. Watch us win Johannesburg, Tshwane, Port Elizabeth and many other local municipalities in 2016.

In all these provincial and local governments, watch us eradicate corruption, improveme job creation and ramp up service delivery.”

Helen Zille recently said:
“Why are there “No More Mandelas”? Why is it that most current ANC leaders seek to entrench division rather than promote reconciliation? The answer is that this formula suits them well. All they have to do to keep winning elections, is to divide people on the basis of race, and keep them hating each other. It is the easiest recipe in politics for short-term power, and long-term disaster. And, as Nelson Mandela said: “We have to be better than that”. That is the most difficult challenge of politics.”

It is easy to attack using populism and hate and much harder to address the real problems plaguing our society. We need all the support we can get on the orad to 2014.

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